Recession Proof Your Career for Real Estate Agents and Broker Owners

Recession is always a scary word, and it’s even scarier when we’re talking about careers. As costs go up across the board and the market turns more uncertain each and every day, it can be easy to let anxiety start to settle in—and for a good reason. Unfortunately, there’s no 100% effective way of guaranteeing prosperity through a recession, but there is one thing that you can do to significantly put the odds in your favor: take control.

One of the toughest things that many of us fear during these challenging periods is being laid off. Fortunately, in real estate, there’s a neat trick that can virtually guarantee you’ll never be laid off, and it’s called starting your own brokerage. And don’t worry, it can actually be much quicker and easier than you think! Here are a few courses and resources I offer on The Real Classroom that can get you up and running in your own brokerage in just a matter of months.

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