Recession Proof Your Career for Real Estate Agents and Broker Owners

Recession is always a scary word, and it’s even scarier when we’re talking about careers. As costs go up across the board and the market turns more uncertain each and every day, it can be easy to let anxiety start to settle in—and for a good reason. Unfortunately, there’s no 100% effective way of guaranteeing prosperity through a recession, but there is one thing that you can do to significantly put the odds in your favor: take control.

One of the toughest things that many of us fear during these challenging periods is being laid off. Fortunately, in real estate, there’s a neat trick that can virtually guarantee you’ll never be laid off, and it’s called starting your own brokerage. And don’t worry, it can actually be much quicker and easier than you think! Here are a few courses and resources I offer on The Real Classroom that can get you up and running in your own brokerage in just a matter of months.

Brokerage in a Box

Even before you get to employment insecurity in a recession, there’s another question that might be bugging you: where’s all of that money going? You pay your broker so much money, and if you’re reading this post, it’s probably for things you already know you can be doing on your own. If cutting those extra costs and getting a more definitive handle on your own employment is what you’re looking for, Brokerage in a Box is the course for you.

This course is all of the knowledge you need to get your own brokerage up and running, either in the US or Canada. It’s self-paced, has a very quick watch time, and even gives you access to a network of real estate professionals who have taken this exact same path. On top of giving you access to important documents, Brokerage in a Box will walk you through how to:

  • Break Up with your Current Brokerage,
  • Create a Business Plan,
  • Budget and Goal Set,
  • Pick a name that isn't taken.


Brokerage Budget Planning Playbook

There’s a big difference between deciding to start your own business and actually doing so, of course, and a big part of that difference is the cost. Fortunately, however, starting your own brokerage does not have to be incredibly expensive, especially if you’re careful and effective about what costs you need to cover when you’re starting out.

For a quick answer, a “bare bones'' layout of costs to get your brokerage up and running should be around $2,215. For a more specific breakdown of what your costs will look like, you’ll want to check out the free Budget Planning Worksheet that helps you lay out what you need and what you don’t need and how much it’ll all cost you. An important note is that if those $2,215 aren’t a safe amount for you to be investing in your brokerage, then it’s probably a sign to brush up on your leads and closings skills before committing to going independent. Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered there too.

Recession Proof Your Business

Finally, the namesake of this whole discussion. Starting your own brokerage is an incredibly useful stepping stone towards recession-proofing your career, but there is still more that you can do. If you’re interested in learning how to secure your finances and establish your presence for more security, check out the free Recession Proof Your Business video series I offer as well.

As real estate professionals, we know all too well that the economy and the market come with a lot of uncertainty, but that doesn’t mean that your career should as well. With these courses and resources, you should have more than enough building blocks to get started on solidifying your financial and professional security in the industry that you love. So, what are you waiting for?



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