Episode #4

By now you know that all the episodes so far have been a lot about self talk, or attitudes.  This episode is labeled ‘self talk’ because it really is about how we see ourselves, and thus talk to ourselves. 

How much of what is holding you back has to do with the way you see yourself? How much is it that honestly other people don’t care because they’re so wrapped up in themselves? 

Like do you think you are too old, young, pretty, ugly, introverted, extroverted, or whatever it is about you that’s holding you back??!!!

Are you one of my people who thinks that the world doesn’t need more leaders? Do you think that you have nothing unique to contribute?

Think again, because I really want to prove you WRONG on all these things.  I’ll tell you stories about my journey, but also hit you with some real life statistics. Take a listen, give me a chance, and see if you come out the other side with a different mindset. 

What to Listen For:

  • [0:00 - 0:59] Intro
  • [1:00 - 4:24] Lie #1: I'm Too Young to Start
  • [4:25 - 5:22] Influence: Marie Forleo
  • [5:23 - 6:51] Lie #2: No One Wants Me as a Leader
  • [6:52 - 8:05] Lie #3: I Have Nothing Unique to Contribute
  • [8:06 - 9:46] Flip the Script
  • [9:47 - 10:52] Closing

Resources from this Episode:

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