About Me

Episode #1

In the first episode of The Real Classroom, I tell you a little bit about me, my story, and how I came to be an independent real estate broker. 

Despite all the ups, downs, and in-betweens, I have come out on top to maintain a successful real estate brokerage and I want to share my journey with you. 

I’m speaking my truth about the obstacles I have faced, from within, and from other people.  It took me many years to figure out the main obstacle that was holding me back from taking it to the next level--so take a listen to hear what that was! And maybe my story can inspire you to overcome the same obstacle!

I also tackle how I handled the burnout stage, and came back from it to be the most successful I’ve ever been!

If you enjoy people who are inspirational, real, raw, funny, and in real estate, then you may enjoy my show! 

What to Listen For:

  • [0:00 - 0:56] Intro
  • [0:57 - 3:31] About Me
  • [3:32 - 4:29] Starting Mountain Dream Real Estate
  • [4:30 - 6:56] Holding Myself Back
  • [6:57 - 8:31] How I Live Today
  • [8:32 - 9:48] Closing 

Resources from this Episode:

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