Episode #2

In today’s episode, I’m going to hit you where it hurts the most, just below the belt...How much do you lie to yourself about money? It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone, not take it to the next level, when you have the crutch of money to fall back on!

I know that I lied to myself a lot and had a lot of negative beliefs around things like cars, income, and budgeting. I also spent a lot of wasted years worrying about money, and it was a big hurdle to me starting my own brokerage and taking it to the next level.

Even if right now you are an agent who is working real estate as a side hustle, or if you are an agent thinking of opening your own shop, you will get something out of this episode. 

Do any of these sound familiar…”I need a nice car to be successful.” “The money in real estate is easy!”, or “I need a lot of money to get started.”...if so, you may be surprised at what I tell you!

Take it from me, or facts that I dish out, or stories about other people, but either way you’re in for a treat with this episode about your mindset around money!

What to Listen For:

  • [0:00 - 0:56] Intro
  • [0:59- 10:32] Myth #1 - I Need a Nice Car
  • [10:33 - 13:36] Myth #2 - I Need a Lot of Money
  • [13:37 - 17:35] Myth #3 - It'll be Easy
  • [17:36 - 19:12] Closing 

Resources from this Episode:

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