Top 5 Deceptive Real Estate Recruiting Tactics to Look Out For!

The Real Estate market is a tough one to navigate, and not just in terms of sales. When it comes to the labor market - finding the right fit for you can be challenging, and deceptive recruiting tactics certainly aren’t helping.

Figuring out where you want to hang your license is no easy task. Finding a place where you feel comfortable, that lines up with your personal and professional values, and that meaningfully promises growth and potential can be a daunting task. What makes it trickier is that, sometimes, recruiters will use sneaky tactics that can get you excited about the position, even when there isn’t much to show for it. Here are the top 5 deceptive tactics to look out for, so when you make a decision, you’re making it for the right reasons.

Stroking your ego

When it comes to recruitment, you’re the one that needs to be impressed. It’s always great for the recruiter to be impressed by your track record, of course, but this doesn’t put...

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