Hot Market Rookie Mistakes | Tips for Agents, Brokers, and Contracts!

As professional real estate agents, much of our success hinges on having the proper resources and the proper training. Proper training, however, needs to be paired with strong discipline, and there are a few situations where this discipline becomes a crucial part to staying safe and responsible as an agent or a broker. One big and relevant example is a hot market.

Hot markets can be tricky to navigate responsibly, especially for agents who haven’t been through one before already. Learning how to navigate hot markets is incredibly important, though, since irresponsible handling of a hot market can result in expensive consequences for you and your client, and can put a bad mark on the industry and colleagues by association. Here are a few key rookie mistakes when it comes to hot markets, and why you should avoid them.

Lack of professionalism

Somewhat of a recent trend across different industries has been to call into question the meaning and purpose of “professionalism...

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