Six Steps to Get Your Colorado Real Estate Broker License

Real estate is a great place for driven and motivated individuals to find success in an industry that is always exciting and evolving. The best part? The barrier to entry is relatively low, and with the right education, prep work, and networks, almost anybody can find a successful entry into the profession. It’s all about being creative and being dedicated.

Knowing that the process is relatively quick is not enough, however! In Colorado, there are Broker Associates and there are Brokers. Whether you’re currently a Broker Associate or searching for the path to become a Broker in the future, here is a quick and friendly six-step overview you’ll need to take to get your Colorado real estate broker license.


Determine Your Education Requirement

Colorado makes this process relatively painless, but the first step is by far the most complicated step. Fortunately, each step is broken down completely on the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies website, and on my...

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