How to Recruit and Retain Agents for your Brokerage

Whether you’re planning on starting your own independent brokerage or you've already taken that first step, there’s one obstacle that is likely on your mind: recruiting and retaining agents. You know why you wanted to move away from the big brokerage scene, or avoid it altogether, but that doesn’t mean that other agents are going to want to follow you in your independent brokerage journey, right? You may be surprised to learn that attracting agents is actually simpler than you think.

For natural leaders, attracting agents is unlikely to be an issue at all as long as you’ve got the right connections and are reaching out. In fact, if you’re a natural leader and are still deciding whether or not to go independent, my best advice is to take this course and get started as soon as you can!

For those who feel more uneasy about attracting agents, this uneasiness is probably coming from not being able to see the full scope of value that you bring to the table. While each recruiting process will be different, these three points will serve to show you why you should be confident in your recruiting ability.

Convincing yourself

The biggest obstacle for many new independent brokers (or brokers-to-be) is convincing themselves that agents will want to join their brokerage at all. After all, what sets you apart from all of the other options? However, if you’ve already gone through the trouble of going independent—or are even considering it—you already know the answer to this.

First, the hard facts. There are plenty of stats that you and your brokerage may already have as great selling points. A niche market placement, a strong set of values, great listings, and/or good and consistent sources of leads are all examples of simple but powerful traits that certainly attract new agents.

Then, there’s the charm. Everyone’s journey is different, but think—why did you go independent? For many, it has an awful lot to do with how agents are treated at larger and more traditional firms, and if you’re providing a more welcoming space for that reason, others are sure to follow. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this point.

Size stands out

It can be intimidating to think of how your small brokerage can compete with big firms, but that size difference is actually a huge point of leverage. Ultimately, most large brokerages are more concerned with stakeholders than they are with their agents. Anyone who has even considered going independent knows this, and those tired of not being prioritized will almost surely be happy about a change.

What this looks like at your brokerage and as your selling point is simply more attention to detail and personalized care. Look out for your agents! Newer agents aren’t getting great leads at bigger brokerages, but they can at yours! You can offer more flexible and appropriate education opportunities, listen and respond to specific needs or grievances and, holistically, just provide a better workplace environment for your agents in which they can grow as people and professionals.

An encouraging culture

As we’ve discussed, one of the biggest selling points independent brokerages have is that they can be more conducive to an altogether healthier and more encouraging workplace culture. From being able to provide personalized help and support to agents, to having the capacity to address specific needs, and creating a better culture of recognition for agent performance, agents are already likely to prefer an independent brokerage’s environment over a more traditional one—as long as you put in the effort to center these values.

Importantly, these aren’t just selling points. Creating an environment where agents feel supported and recognized doesn’t just look good on the brochure, it’s also a key part of making sure agents stick around. You know why you left the big brokerage scene—put those values front and center!



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